Mr. Griffin goes to Washington…

-this just might be the best grape growing area in the world. In 100 years this won’t surprise anyone.


…and the rest, is history. Not really. Starting a winery and maintaining its trajectory for nearly 40 years is no small feat. Rob and Deborah started Barnard Griffin with a small truckload of borrowed fruit, fermented in rented cellar space. Ready to create a story of their own, together they have worked tirelessly to keep their dream flourishing. Today, Barnard Griffin remains an integral piece of the Washington wine scene.

Rob in vineyard 1970s


24 year old UC Davis grad, Rob Griffin, leaves his native California and heads north to become Winemaker at Preston Cellars, one of Washington’s first wineries.

Article about Rob from 1980s


Rob racks up accolades as Washington’s resident wunderkind winemaker.

Article about Barnard Griffin from 1980s


Rob and his wife, Deborah Barnard, start Barnard Griffin winery.

Article about Barnard Griffin from 1990s


Barnard Griffin’s home on Tulip Lane is ready for business.

Megan Hughes in the vineyard


Megan Hughes (née Barnard Griffin) joins her parents in the family business.

Barnard Griffin Family 2016


Rob celebrates his 40th harvest in Washington and becomes the longest tenured winemaker in state history.

Vancouver Tasting Room 2020


Barnard Griffin opens up its first satellite tasting room, in Vancouver, Washington.


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